“The presence of absence”, 2013

“The Presence of Absence” 2013 Schematically speaking, the works of Daphne Angelidou can be divided into three unities: “rural landscapes”, “cityscapes” and “Pediastrian Crossings”. In all three categories we find the same underlying “haunted world”, one that is almost transcendental due to the silence of the stones, both literally and figuratively, that possesses it. Frozen […]

“Passers-by”, Andreas Ioannidis, 2009

“Passers-by…” Andreas Ioannidis, 2009 When Lautréamont wrote, in the Chants de Maldoror,[1]  of “the beauty of an umbrell’ s chance meeting with a sewing-machine on a dissecting table”, he automatically turned the issue of love into an issue of death. The umbrella is assigned, symbolically, a male content; the sewing-machine, a female content. Their ‘encounter […]